Corporate Environmental Policy

The right of everyone to a favourable environment and also the duty to protect and improve the environment and to foster the cultural heritage is enshrined in the Constitution of
the Slovak Republic No. 460/1992 Coll., as amended.

Environmental protection is an integral part of the Strategic Objectives and Policies to which ŽOS Trnava, a.s. has voluntarily committed itself.

Green Energy Certificate 2016


Basic environmental principles and accepted commitments

  • To provide resources for continuous improvement of the environment and to prevent pollution of it
  • To carry out all activities with full respect for and compliance with environmental legislation and other relevant regulations, instructions, procedures and objectives
  • To invest in best available techniques (BAT) and ensure they are implemented:
    • Lowering energy and raw material consumption
    • Reducing and recycling waste
    • Effectively removing pollutants in emissions
    • Conserving drinking and service water
    • Pre-treating wastewater before discharge into public sewers
    • Lowering noise and dust emissions
  • To handle hazardous substances properly
  • To comply with conditions for transporting dangerous objects
  • To adopt and implement programs for continuously reducing adverse impact on individual environmental components
  • To manage environmental risks and completely eliminate environmental accidents
  • To raise professional awareness of environmental protection through education and promotion of environmental initiatives
  • To cooperate with the professional and general public in resolving environmental protection issues
  • To inform the public and also national and local governments about corporate environmental activities

Voluntary environmental initiatives at ŽOS Trnava, a. s.

  • 2002 – Cleaner Production project: Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology in the Danube River Basin in cooperation with the Slovak Cleaner Production Centre (Slovenské centrum čistejšej produkcie)
  • 2003 – ISO 14001:1996 certification of the corporate environmental management system (EMS)
  • 2005 – EMS recertified under ISO 14001:2004  Ongoing EMS certification and regular assessment of the EMS under conditions at ŽOS Trnava, a.s.
  • Harmonising environmental protection with European Union requirements
  • Effectively cooperating with universities in providing expert consultations for undergraduate and graduate thesis research
  • Organising visits and excursions for secondary school and university students;
  • Employees completed additional training and certification to keep up with European environmental trends and enhance environmental expertise
  • Participating in research-development and innovative projects as part of HORIZONT 2020, which have an impact on the environment

Environmental protection systems at ŽOS Trnava, a.s.

Environmental protection at ŽOS Trnava, a.s. stemming from environmental protection legislation in Slovakia

  • Clean air
  • Clean water
  • Waste disposal
  • Protecting nature and the countryside
  • Handling of chemical agents (REACH)
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Handling of raw materials and energy

Clean air

Investing in clean air

  • Constructing surface treatment booths for passenger coaches
  • Purchasing and installing a Raj wagon concrete cleaner
  • Building dryers and extending surface treatment booths for freight wagons
  • Constructing surface treatment booths for freight wagons and
  • Construction of an incinerator for volatile organic compounds found in emissions
  • Purchasing a gauge washing station with suction at PNV
  • Installation of a wheel set tempering station at PNV
  • Relocating and reconstruction of a preparation booth at POV
  • Construction of a workshop for spraying small parts at POV
  • Building an exhausting system for blasting machines at PVD
  • Constructing a new POV plant

Emissions from moderate and heavy air pollution sources are measured by an authorised outside organisation as required by applicable clean air legislation.
Measured emissions have been confirmed as in compliance with all emission limits at all air pollution sources.

The reports on discontinued emissions measurements that have been authorised are sent to the Trnava District Office and to the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate-Clean Air Division in Bratislava.

Reporting on the volume of discharged air pollution is forwarded each year to the Trnava District Office and the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute in Bratislava.

Clean water

Investing in clean water

  • Wagon evaporation workshop
  • Washing stations for cars
  • Paint lockers at PNV
  • Return air plenum chamber and colour dye warehouse at POV
  • Purchase of wastewater treatment laboratory technology
  • Revitalisation of the wastewater treatment plant
  • Covering the wagon rough cleaning workshop
  • Reconstructing the washing area
  • Purchasing equipment for cleaning the sewer system
  • Purchasing industrial cameras for inspecting and sensing the condition of the sewer system
  • Reconstructing the water pumping station
  • Purchasing an inflatable sealing bag to protect the rainwater drainage system

Water abstraction:

  • Drinking water (contracted with Trnavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.)
  • Groundwater (permitted by Trnava District Office)

Wastewater is discharged through three separate drainage units:

  • Unified sewer system (contracted with Trnavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.)
  • Wastewater drainage system (contracted with Trnavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.)
  • Rainwater drainage system (permitted by Trnava District Office)

Discharged wastewater is inspected at regular intervals in the company by abstracting and analyzing point samples.

Reporting is prepared about the volume of collected groundwater alongside data on the release and transfer of polluted water from the company to the surrounding environment and sent each year to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute in Bratislava.

Waste disposal

Investing in waste management

  • Purchase of waste containers
  • Installing sludge containers
  • Constructing a collection centre for other waste
  • Purchasing and installing waste bins throughout the grounds
  • Purchasing sweepers
  • Building a hazardous waste collection centre
  • Installing a container to encase waste solvent drums
  • Installing a container to encase drums with lubricating oil, fluorescent lights and the like

Waste management reports are prepared (waste creation, disposal or recovery of other and hazardous waste, hazardous waste transport, waste disposal of packaging and recycling) at intervals set by law and forwarded to relevant waste management government authorities.

Protecting biodiversity and landscape

  • Government authorisations for construction on company grounds
  • Government authorisations for felling trees
  • Maintaining green areas, woods, paved areas and the like
  • Protecting soil, groundwater and the like from accidental escaping of hazardous substances

Environmental reporting is forwarded each year to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute in Bratislava.

Handling of chemical agents

The handling of chemical agents is governed at ŽOS Trnava by internal rules that stem from the European Union’s REACH Regulation, Slovak legislation and safety data sheets. Company employees receive verifiable training about what material safety data sheets contain before they first use chemical agents.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Records are kept of dangerous substances brought into the company, leaving the company or packaged by the head of Logistics and Supply and the head of Environment. Each year an ADR annual report is prepared which is made available to government authorities when necessary.

Handling of raw materials and energy

Purchasing and Logistics is responsible for the economic management of raw materials before they move to manufacturing divisions. This mainly involves planned purchases, adequate storage and economic use of raw and incoming materials and finished products.

Energy management is covered by the company’s Energy Division, which takes various technical (including the purchase and installation of modern technology along with the renovation of existing facilities) and organisational measures to contribute toward reducing energy consumption.

Reporting on environmental components at ŽOS Trnava, a. s.

All reporting and messages about the state of the environment alongside written environmental impact communication and documentation which are forwarded to civil authorities at the Environment Ministry and to entities entrusted by them (e.g. Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute), are available at these institutions under Act 211/2000 Coll. on freedom of information, as amended, for inspection by the greater professional and general public.


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Human beings are at the centre of concern for sustainable development and have the right to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.


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