Development of the company ŽOS Trnava, a. s. is reflected in its technological and technical growth. Our experience and high-class technology enable us to include as standard part of our business the refurbishment and repairs of coaches and cabooses. Repairs of coaches is carried out in a production line fashion. This enables efficient performance of repairs according to binding rules and regulations for repairs type R2 (inspection) and R3 (medium repair). For R4 repairs (general overhauling) or for meeting special requirements of the customer, perfectly equipped pit workstations are available. In order to increase running reliability of coaches sets the Company special accent on continual upgrading of diagnostic equipment for testing electrical outfit and brake systems. A special area in the coaches repair process is the surface treatment and painting. To its quality is paid extraordinary attention, bearing in mind that this is the area where the hands of people come into closest contact with our work. Company carries out large refurbishments of interior, outfit, mounting emergency break overriding, fire monitoring systems, central power supplies and air condition for domestic and foreign customers.