Non-destructive weld and material inspection using NDT methods according to STN and STN EN

One of the most important activities in the railway repair sector, which fundamentally affects the quality of repairs, is the process of non-destructive testing of materials and products. Non-destructive testing in railway transport is all the more important as it ensures safety and reliability through its activity.

Therefore, in our company too, the process of non-destructive testing is one of the increasingly important activities that ŽOS Trnava, a. s. offers its customers. The scope and frequency of this activity is defined by regulations and standards. There are even cases where customers require the test to be performed beyond the scope of a regulation.

The department of non-destructive testing currently performs testing using methods according to EN 9712 – ultrasonic UT, magnetic particle MT, dye penetrant PT, visual VT, eddy current ET, radiography RT, for which it has been issued an activity authorization by the competent authorities. Performing high-quality tests also requires cutting-edge technology.


Authorizations of the defectoscopy center

The department is authorized to perform non-destructive testing in the railway maintenance industrial sector based on the following authorizations:

  • Authorization_Transport Authority – Non-destructive testing of railway vehicles and steel bridge-like railway structures
  • NDT RAILWAY Certificate – Recognition as a testing laboratory for non-destructive testing in the railway industrial sector DIN 27201-7
  • Authorization of HDS KV – Defectoscopic testing of ČD
  • Authorization of DB Cargo AG for NDT
  • Test engineering acceptance of mechanized testing equipment UT axles – DB Systemtechnik
  • Test engineering acceptance of mechanized test equipment of UT rims of wheelsets – DB Systemtechnik
  • Approval sheet_Certification body of NDT persons at railways at VVÚŽ ŽSR Bratislava [ŽSR Railways Research and Development Institute] – NDT training center in the railway maintenance sector
  • Certificate_Slovenská spoločnosť pre NDT [Slovak NDT Society]- company membership in SSNDT


Application of NDT methods

ultrasonic method (UT):

inspection of welds, material integrity inspection, special measurements of the thickness of materials through the paint, coatings, special measurements of internal tension in the rims of massive wheels – railway wheelsets


magnetic particle method (MT) :

inspection of welds, material integrity inspection, inspection under ultraviolet light with fluorescent methods, evaluation of the test with focused UV lamps


dye penetrant method (PT):

inspection of welds, material integrity inspection, using the dye, fluorescent method under UV light


visual method (VT):

direct visual inspection of welds and materials


radiography method (RT):

inspection of welds using the ERESCO X-ray device



state-of-the-art ultrasound devices:

EPOCH 600 – Olympus

EPOCH 650 – Olympus

38 DL Plus thickness gauge – Olympus

DM 2 thickness gauge – Krautkrämer

DEBBIE – DEBRO UMS – manual measurement of the internal tension of monobloc wheels

UER II Fraunhofer – automated measurement of internal tension of monobloc wheels


devices and equipment for the magnetic method:

stationary horizontal defectoscopy – HD 1500, Magiscop 2500 – MT axle inspection during IS2 / IS3 repair

hand yoke electromagnets UM8, UM8/42V, UM9, UM15

permanent magnet FLAW FINDER – Helling

power sources Magman and magnetizing coils – ATG

focused UV lamps PH 135, Helios – Labino

luxmeter LX 107 – LTT Lutron

luxmeter LX max 130 – PTS Josef Solnař

UV meter YK 35 UV – LTT Lutron

UV meter UV 365 – PTS Josef Solnař

AC/DC mag. field intensity meter Bell 5070 – FW Bell

AC/DC mag. field intensity meter MH 175 – PTS Josef Solnař

colored fluorescent suspensions – Helling


for inspections by the dye penetrant method:

NORD TEST spray sets – Helling

UV light meter UV 340 – LTT Lutron

luxmeter LX 107 – LTT Lutron

luxmeter LX max 130 – PTS Josef Solnař


technology and accessories for the radiography method:

industrial X-ray device ERESCO 42 MF4 with a digital control panel – GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

negatoscope Luminux LH-48 – 3E NDT

densitometer DENSIT-RT6 – Metritec GmbH

Personal detector of ionizing radiation/radioactive radiation (Gamma /RTG) GammaSmart one, Gammatwin – GRAETZ Strahlungsmesstechnik GmbH

X-ray films AGFA Structurix vacupac

Chemicals for film development (developer, fixer) – AGFA


NDS personnel:

the staff of the NDS department have the necessary qualification:

  • training and certification in accordance with STN EN ISO 9712 for the methods:

UT, MT, PT, VT, ET, RT in the industrial sector:

ŽD – railway transport. In the railway transport sector, the staff is also certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9712

PV – production and construction of equipment

  • certificates of professional competence of the Transport Office in accordance with Act no. 513/2009 Coll. for carrying out control in non-destructive testing of railway vehicles
  • certificate of professional competence OOZ – D of the ČD defectoscopy staff certification center for performing revisions in the defectoscopy of railway vehicles
  • certificates of professional competence of the Public Health Authority for carrying out activities leading to radiation issued according to section 49 of the act no. 87/2018 Z. z.
  • authorization of HDS KV of ČD for defectoscopy tests according to TD VIII no. 1.006, 1.007, 1.008