The aim of ŽOS Trnava, a. s. is to provide complex services for its customers. Besides repairs, revisions, production and upgrading of freight wagons, ŽOS Trnava, a. s. provides wide range of repair activities under one roof which we consider as an significant advantage for our customers. Therefore, we have created modern repairing complex containing technological equipment, professional staff with necessary licenses and certificates. All technological lines serve not only for the repairs of construction parts of carriages repaired in ŽOS Trnava, a.s., but also for the needs of other customers.

Range of activities:

Repairs of wheelsets

  • repairs of the wheelsets of passenger coaches and freight wagons according to SÚNV, VPI, ÖBB, DB, ČD, etc.
  • turning riding profiles, axles and monoblock holes, repairs of monoblock wheels by pressing off and on IS0, IS1, IL, IS2 and IS3
  • special testing of internal tension, non destruction tests of entire wheel-set axle (methods VT, PT, MT, UT)
  • preparation for the surface treatment of monoblocks
  • electronic data collection through barcodes and SAP
  • production of wheelsets type BA 004 with the TSI certificate

Repairs of the brake components
Repairs of the brake components are realised on the repair lines and in specialised workshops that are equipped with one-purpose devices and diagnostic technology. Based on the technical-business cooperation and certification as KNORR BREMSE, DAKO-CZ, Transelco, Faiveley Transport (SAB WABCO) actual repair documentation is used as well as original spare parts solely from above mentioned producers which guarantees the of long-term, failure-free use of brake device. Repairs of brake devices is provided by qualified staff that is trained by mentioned producers or in renowned repair centres (e.g. Werk Fulda, Germany).

The basic range of the brake devices:
– Overal cleaning
– Dismantling of the parts
– Cleaning of components
– Visual and size control
– Oveal mounting
– Test in testing device followed by the evaluation of parameters by computer program
– Test report or declaration of conformity according to STN EN 10204/2005 2.1, 3.1

On the request of the customer there is an possibility to realise other activities as redevelopment of brake device in order of inovation, e g. redevelopment of KEa,c to KEad, change of the parameters of the device etc.

We aim to maximize the care of our customers and therefore we offer repairs of the components such as:

  • Repairs of the bogies
  • Repairs of flat spring, tests of parabolic springs
  • Repairs of draw and buffing gears

One of the main aims of the company is to fully satisfy its customers. Therefore, the part of our work is also professional consulting service by which we give our customer measurable added value. We try to use all these factors in favour of our customers which helps us to develop our business-repair activities.