Own designers team, modernization and widening of production capacities, experience from freight wagons subassemblies manufacture and from freight wagons upgrading enabled to create conditions for serial production of new freight wagons. Manufacture of underfames is carried out by highly qualified and certified welders guided by highly professional welding engineers and welding supervisors complying with all applicable EN standards. Company has own production documentation for manufacture Eass-TSI, Eanos-TSI, Eamnos-TSI, Falns-TSI, Fccnpps-TSI, Faccnpps-TSI, Fans-u-TSI, Kgs-TSI, Sggrss-TSI, Sggmrss-TSI und Smnps-TSI wagons. Designs and constructions comply with the RIV and UIC regulations and applicable TSI.

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