Development of railway traffic in Slovakia, in the first half of the 19th century, created demand for maintenance of rail cars. For these purposes was built in Trnava a workshop between 1922 and 1924.

History of the repair shop starts in 1925, when the first revision of a freight railcar was made. In the following years, there was a search for an optimum system of repairs. The high demand for repairs of damaged rail cars after World War II, brought a change from the original pits system of repairs to the production line system. In this way, it was possible to repair up to 3,500 freight cars a year. Besides freight cars, motor cars and passenger coaches were repaired. Until 1951 also road vehicles were refurbished. In 90´s cranes were repaired in the plant.

Company was enlarged to present shape by large investment in new halls and reconstruction of existing premises that started in 1968. Since the end of the 60’s, more than 10,000 of rail cars have been repaired here annually.

Since 1994 was the state owned workshop transformed to a joint stock company, ŽOS Trnava, a.s., Company is owned by two shareholders TOSs, a.s. (50.8% of shares) and Železničná preprava, a.s. (49.2% of shares).

The new company builds on the tradition of the past and focuses on repairs of all types of freight rail cars. Company has expanded its activities into upgrades and modernization of freight rail cars; refurbishment, upgrades and modernization of passenger cars; production of new rail cars; and engineering production of welded assemblies for various customers.

1924 - Establishment of the company VOZOVKA Trnava

1925 - The first revision of the goods wagon

1951 - Repairs of passenger cars and cars, 3,500 revisions of goods wagons per year

1960 - Crane repairs

1968 - Extensive modernisation of the factory; so up to 16,000 revisions of freight rail cars could be done for ČSD per year

1993 - Significant decrease in performance due to the split of Czechoslovakia, Establishment of a division of passenger cars and engineering production

1994 - Privatization and renaming of the company to ŽOS Trnava, a.s.

2005 - The beginning of the production of new goods wagons after the construction of a new hall

2008 - Acquisition of ŽOS Zvolen, a.s. (revisions and modernizations of locomotives)