In June 2023, the management of ŽOS Trnava’s engineering division established contact with another significant global freight railcar manufacturer, the American company Greenbrier. During the initial meeting, several areas of potential cooperation were identified, including the production and supply of upper platforms for car transporters. This represents a higher level of engagement than typical contracts. The platforms for Greenbrier will be surface-treated and assembled with all their components.

The contract stipulates the production of 200 upper platforms, and ŽOS Trnava has already begun preparatory work related to the fulfilment of this large order. The customer will receive the upper platforms fully prepared for installation on the railcar, with one platform being produced daily in Trnava. The completion of the order is scheduled for August 2025.

For ŽOS Trnava, a.s., this new client is a significant partner for future cooperation within their portfolio.

ŽOS Trnava_Greenbrier_Laaers_L08A-scaled