Skupina ŽOS mala minulý rok najvyšší zisk a tretí najvyšší obrat v histórii
  • 70% of ŽOS Trnava’s performance was directed abroad in 2023
  • The group consolidated the Czech companies it acquired last year into one, ŽOS 4 TRAINS
  • ŽOS Trnava started the new year by signing a major contract with the Austrian State Railways

The ŽOS group, which incorporates the railway repair shops in Trnava, Zvolen, and Studénka in the Czech Republic and employs over 1,000 full-time workers, has recorded excellent financial results in 2023.

Miloš Kyselica, CEO of ŽOS Trnava, said: “The driving force behind the good financial results of the Group was, of course, ŽOS Trnava. Its turnover last year exceeded 130 million euros.”

In 2023, four Czech companies operating in the segment were added to the group, complementing, and supporting the core business of ŽOS Trnava and ŽOS Zvolen in the repair and modernization of rail vehicles. At the beginning of this year, they were consolidated into one, ŽOS 4 TRAINS, s.r.o. Studénka, Czech Republic.

“The focus on contracts with higher added value, such as freight wagon revisions, has paid off for us. 70% of our work was directed abroad last year, where we cooperate with renowned carriers such as German DB, Czech ČD, French Ermewa, or Austrian Rail Cargo. A special place in our portfolio belongs to the Czech Škoda Transportation, with whom we complement each other excellently in the production and finalization of complete electric railway units,” notes Kyselica.

at the beginning of 2024 ŽOS Trnava concluded a contract with the Austrian Rail Cargo for the repair, revision, and restoration of thousands of wagons with a potential value of up to 50 million euros.

“We are very cautious when making predictions about the future. I don’t think we will be able to easily repeat last year’s figures easily this year. The European economy and its hegemon, Germany, are beginning to slow down economically, which we have also felt since the end of last year in the dynamics of orders and the arrival of new wagons for repairs,” concludes Kyselica.

In 2023, approximately 70% of ŽOS Trnava’s manufacturing output, in financial terms, was directed abroad.