ŽOS Trnava currently participates, in a consortium with Škoda Transportation, in the production of 25 EMU 220 and EMU 310 electrical units for the Slovak Railway Company.

Representatives of the South Moravian Region and Škoda Transportation signed a contract back in December 2019, for the supply of 29 new electrical units. At the beginning of the year, Škoda Transportation approached ŽOS Trnava with a proposal for cooperation in the implementation of this project.

“Our company will produce a total of 62 inserted rail cars for Škoda Transportation in both projects. Finally, we are reviving 23 electric single-storey units EMU 220 and EMU 310 for ZSSK, and at the same time we will revive separate loaded rail cars in the number of 29 pieces for the South Moravian Region as part of EMU 310. These units can comfortably accommodate up to 310 passengers, “says CEO ŽOS Trnava Miloš Kyselica.

Škoda will produce rough constructions of cabinets, chassis, and traction sets, which will be delivered to ŽOS Trnava. ŽOS Trnava will also carry out surface treatment, assembly of inserted rail cars of EMU310 electrical units and revitalization of individual inserted rail cars. Then the regenerated inserted rail cars will be transported to the customer.

Cooperation with the ČD for the South Moravian Region will begin in 2021 and the train units will be handed over to the client by the end of 2022.

“We are pleased that our work has convinced our partner that he will find quality in Trnava’s ŽOS,” says Miloš Kyselica, General Manager of ŽOS Trnava. “Ecological Czech electric single-storey Regiopanter units are very popular among passengers and I am glad that by implementing such projects we are developing our experience in a new segment – the production of electric train units.”

Thanks to the established structure of a wide portfolio of customers from all over Europe, ŽOS Trnava has been increasingly focusing in recent years on revisions of Goods wagons for major European companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Austrian OBB or Swiss SBB and so on. The capacity of the plant in revision is up to 6,000 rail cars per year. The latest order is the revision of 750 freight rail cars for Czech Cargo, which will be carried out in 2021/2022.

In the field of mechanical engineering, ŽOS Trnava has also concluded a new contract with a major partner in the field of rolling stock production. It is the production of welded subgroups of rail cars, which will be delivered to several plants of the customer as components for final assembly. As this is an expansion of the production range, it means covering part of the production capacity of ŽOS Trnava in the long term, while the planned production for 2021 represents the volume of revenues at the level of 1 mil. € with the potential for further growth in the coming years.