ŽOS Zvolen won two large contracts in public tenders. For České dráhy, it will modernize 12 646 Stadler GTW units and, during a five-year contract, will also generate 13 diesel-electric locomotives of the 754 series for the largest Czech carrier.


646 Stadler GTW

A 10 million contract to upgrade 12 646 Stadler GTW trains, which originally served Deutsche Bahn in Germany, will bring Czech passengers and railroad workers new LCD monitors, Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, small electronics, a new audio-visual information system and GPS, among other things. locator for monitoring train movement in the KIDSOK system.

“The customer has already brought to the track the first trains from this competition to Zvolen. We must be done with all twelve trains by December 2021. With this project, we have also launched a new cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, which will provide part of the repairs of aggregates and chassis in its plants in Germany,” says ŽOS Zvolen CEO Imrich Czere.

754 series locomotives

The 754 series locomotive, a diesel locomotive with electric power transmission, is used by ČD on suburban and long-distance lines. During the five-year contract, ŽOS Zvolen will perform a major repair of the MVY type on 13 locomotives, which is basically a repair of the entire rolling stock, including a repair of the engine, alternator, bogies and traction engines. The amount of the contract is limited to 8.4 million euros.

“We have also won business orders from České dráhy and ČD Cargo for the repair of the K12 V230 DR series of solo combustion engines,” says Imrich Czere, adding: “Thanks to the new contracts, we already know today that at least 60% of the performance of the ŽOS Zvolen will go abroad next year.”

Railway repair shops and machine shops Zvolen, a.s. is one of the leading Slovak companies that repairs motor locomotives, electric locomotives, and motor units. It employs about 400 people. Its production program represents a wide range of repairs, modernizations, reconstructions and revisions of motor locomotives, motor rail cars, electric locomotives, and passenger rail cars according to customer requirements. Significant in the portfolio are subcontracting of components for other manufacturers of rolling stock.