Last year, ŽOS Trnava bid in the tender of Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG, which belongs to the Austrian ÖBB Group, for the development, construction and supply of 90 pieces of freight self-dumping 4-axle wagons of the Faccns series.

“At the beginning of 2021, after a long selection process and many technical consultations, we were named the winner of the tender with a total contract value of EUR 13,905,000. And now the tender has finally been sealed by the signing of a business contract,” says Zdenko Lančarič, Executive Director of ŽOS Trnava.

After the successful production of 140 Faccnpps wagons, 70 Fccnpps wagons and 75 Fans wagons for the Swiss customer SBBI and the subsequent exercise of the option by this company for another 40 pieces of improved Faccnpps wagons (together SBBI took 180 of these vehicles), this project is continuing to produce successful wagons for the needs of freight carriers. This area represents great potential for the future of ŽOS Trnava.

The specificity and added value of the new generation dump wagons (Faccns) compared to the Faccnpps produced in the past is the hydraulic control of the dump system.

This year, it is planned to produce two functional prototypes for testing for the wagon approval TSI.

“Subsequently, in the second quarter of 2022, we will start mass-producing wagons. The last wagon produced will go to Austria at the beginning of 2023,” says Lančarič, adding “We believe that we will convince other customers, with whom we are currently sitting at the virtual negotiating table, about the quality of construction of our wagons for infrastructure.”

In recent years, ŽOS Trnava has been thriving in German-speaking countries. In addition to the contract for the Swiss SBBI, last week it also finally agreed on a contract for cooperation in the production of cars for the German Waggonbau Niesky.