ŽOS Trnava won a contract from Škoda Transportation for the supply of 29 inserted wagons for the South Moravian Region in December 2019. Currently, the contract has been extended by the supply of another 11 inserted EMU310 coaches. This is a continuation of the project with Škoda Transportation.

“We are actively working on the project already and we are fulfilling the agreed volume of work within the updated schedule, influenced by materials supply. The last manufactured coach will leave our factory gates in December this year, “says Ing. Peter Tóth, director of the passenger coaches division of ŽOS Trnava.

The form of cooperation with Škoda Transportation is structured in such a way that Škoda manufactures rough cabinets construction, chassis and traction sets, which it supplies to ŽOS Trnava. As part of the extended contract, the assembly of the interior is carried out on the coaches with recovery and with the final output control of functionality of the inserted coach. The revival and operability of the entire EMU310 (18Ev) set will be carried out by Škoda Transportation in cooperation with ŽOS Trnava.

“It is a great asset for ŽOS Trnava in terms of utilisation and maintenance of sustainable production in performance segment of the passenger coaches division,” reminds Peter Tóth, director of the passenger coaches division of ŽOS Trnava, adding: “This project and cooperation allow us to maintain and slightly increase the number of professionals and further expand our production know-how through sophisticated performance until 2023, when we will build on these outputs with another 9 pieces of EMU300 (14Ev2) for the end customer ZSSK. This means that we can already confirm on our part that we have secured projects in the passenger coaches division until the end of 2024,” concludes Peter Tóth.