As in 2021 (17.4%), in 2022 (estimate: 19%), the contracts for state ŽSR, ZSSK and ZSSK Cargo will account for only less than a fifth of ŽOS Trnava’s revenues.

New production, modernisation, revision of coaches and production of final welded structures for German, Austrian and Swiss clients, or revival of Czech electrical sets for the South Moravian Region will contribute to the independence of Trnava coaches manufacturers from contracts for the Slovak public sector.

“Focus on the Western European market and services for these customers pays off. It helps us increase the added value of our work, ” says Miloš Kyselica, General Manager of ŽOS Trnava. “Also, today strategic cooperation with the Czech Škoda Transportation allows us to grow professionally, maintain a qualified workforce and further increase the Trnava know-how. As a result, we have room to invest in technological equipment and we are able to keep pace with Western European competition. ”

The relative revenue figures of the company for the year 2021 (2022) prove the independence of ŽOS Trnava from the Slovak state railways, when revenues from ŽSR, ZSSK Cargo or ZSSK represented only 17.4% of total revenues in 2021. Even in the plan for 2022, they do not reach one-fifth of the company’s estimated revenues. A closer look at last year’s conditions shows that ŽOS Trnava received 5.9% of its revenues from private Slovak clients and 76.7% of revenues from foreign clients. The rest was represented by orders from the Slovak public sector.

“I am very glad that during the pandemic period, with many measures in place, communication and mutual respect, we achieved that we did not have to interrupt the work process for a single day. That is why our economic result in 2021 almost reached the level of the end of 2020 and highly qualified employees had no reason to leave us, ” continues Kyselica.

The coaches that passed through the gates of Trnava ŽOS last year now also run in the colours of the German DB, the Austrian ÖBB, the Czech ČD or the Swiss SBB.

The sister company ŽOS Zvolen, which specialises in repairs of motor locomotives, electric locomotives and motor units, similarly plans to obtain up to 75% of its revenues from abroad this year.